About the Artist

Avery ShepherdAvery Shepherd is American Artist based in Sugar Land, Texas. Avery is also an award-winning Graphic Designer. He was also the founder, CEO, and publisher of the nationally distributed Gospel Voice Magazine. However, his true passion is fine art. He has been drawing and painting every sense he was a young child. That love for drawing and painting was introduced to him at a very young age by his mother.

His favorite mediums to work in is oil and acrylic paint. Avery is pursuing his true calling as an artist. Painting is his true passion and he has developed a celebrated touch. He is focused on creating bold colorful artwork, which explores depths of color and composition while embracing all the natural beauty and depth of all thing Muurish, African in the Asiatic African diaspora. Muurish people both on the continent and in the diaspora share not merely a common history but a common destiny. The focus of Avery’s artwork is to challenge boundaries and inspire a sense of pride for the heritage of all things Muurish, African and Asiatic in the African diaspora.